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John Meulstee
John Meulstee

Dear real estate agent,

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you work at a real estate brokerage where you only sell between five and 20 homes a year. I understand the pain of living in an uncertain business environment and not making the money you would like to make. Your business is probably like a seesaw: busy one month, quiet the next.

Did you know that 90% of new agents are out of the business in three years? I’ve consulted many agents who were seeing enough income coming in but didn’t have the systems to help them generate a consistent income or lifestyle. I’ve even witnessed successful real estate agents consider leaving the business.

To solve this problem, these agents try relying on their current sales manager/team leader/brokerage to help them change the way they do business. In some cases, they rely on them for leads (e.g., OpCity, relocation, internet leads, or floor time) and believe that will help them. These people often just don’t know what it takes to develop a consistent income and sales funnel over time.

Therefore, they find themselves staying awake until 3 a.m. night after night trying to figure out how to pay the bills. They’re worried that if they don’t start selling more houses, they’ll have to go back to a career they didn’t like, one they were excited to get away from. If this problem goes unsolved, they’ll have to deal with the embarrassment of failing in this business, and they’ll have to go back to a lifestyle with less freedom and opportunity.

If this sounds familiar, I have good news: This message is your lifeline. I can take your career to the next level. As a top agent in our market, I’m at the head of a top-producing team that has done between $25 million and $65 million in sales in the last eight years. In all that time, I haven’t had to sell a single home personally because I have built a systems-based business that delivers me predictable lead flow and results.

I have been where you are in your career. I left college to join the Marines Corps after 9/11, but I knew it wasn’t going to be a career for me, so I went into it with my eyes open for what my next move would be after my service was over. Eventually, my high school basketball coach handed me a copy of the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” and that set me on the path of learning about real estate investing. It just so happened that my mother-in-law at the time was a manager of a real estate company, so I decided to become a real estate agent.

In my first year, I did $3.4 million in sales and quickly realized that I needed support. So, I moved my license but still didn’t get much support. Then I moved to Keller Williams where I met some great agents who showed me the direction I wanted to take my business. I learned a lot, and that was the turning point of my business. The year was 2011—my worst year ever in the business—and I realized I needed to model my business after successful agents who produced results I wanted.

If you join my team, I can do the same thing for you that those Keller Williams agents did for me. Over time we can install systems in your business and work toward achieving your goals regularly. There’s a proven way to go about this business, which means there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. Let me just give you the wheel.

What makes our solution unique? We are a full-service, low-fee training organization that has a full suite of technology for our agents. We also offer lead generation, listing management, buyer management, closing management, and “clients for life” communication systems that our agents can R&D for free. Additionally, we offer a la carte services like transaction coordination and listing coordination for a fee.

In short, we have proven systems that no one in our marketplace has, and we give it all away for free. If you implement our systems, you’ll get a more consistent income and be able to scale your business faster. You’ll also keep more of each commission check so that you have more money to reinvest in yourself and your business.

Of course, there are alternative options you can pursue. You can join an educational company like Keller Williams, for example, but sometimes the leaders there teach things they’ve never accomplished themselves. You can also join a tech company, but the risk there is that they sometimes overpromise and under-deliver. There are plenty of low-cost, 100%-commission companies you can join, but they offer very little support and there’s no one there to educate you on how to grow your business. Lastly, you can join “hype companies” like Compass and Redfin who tend to under-deliver on services and leads and take too much of your commissions.

By joining my team, you incur none of these risks. You don’t have to take my word for it, either. Consider the success stories of our agents.

Deana Corrigan had been an agent for 20 years when I met her, and once I started working with her on hiring people and implementing business systems, she went from $12 million to $42 million in annual sales volume in the past eight years.

Adam Boxman was about to get out of the business and go back to being a hotel manager when I asked him to join my team. Even though he had been in the business longer than me, he hadn’t had the chance to learn from the same kinds of agents I had. From 2006 to 2011 his best year income-wise was $40,000. In his first year on my team and every year thereafter, he’s made over $125,000.

Laurie Dau has been a mentee of mine for basically her entire career, and she has built her business from scratch to $40 million in annual sales in just 10 years. She has done this profitably and by implementing the same systems that I have used to build High Performance Real Estate Network.

So, my offer is this: If you work for me, you will be on a 100% split with very low transaction fees that cap at $15,000. I will provide all the systems and tools that I have used to get from $3 million in sales in 2011 to $22 million in 2013 to $65 million in 2020. I will guide you through the process of getting the results you want via one-on-one training, classes, and group coaching.

If you take me up on this offer, here’s what happens next. First, you’ll sit down with Kerry, my chief of staff, and she will get you your business cards, signs, letterhead, email signature, and anything else you need to operate your business. She’ll also provide you with a memory jogger so that you can be sure to change your brokerage affiliation everywhere. She’ll then get you the information you need to get any listings transferred over to us from your other brokerage.

Any commissions that come in from your other brokerage will be turned around and paid out 100% to you. Kerry will also provide you with videos she has created to walk you through the setup of many of the tech tools and programs we use. If for whatever reason, things don’t work out and you decide to leave, I guarantee that I’ll pay for the signs and business cards for whichever brokerage you end up in.

The clock is ticking for you to respond to this offer and get your career on track. Redfin is gearing up for a massive advertising campaign across the country to create a low-commission environment. Also, since we’re in a strong seller’s market, we have an immense amount of pressure on commissions, and more and more sellers are choosing to go the FSBO route. If you don’t have your business systems in place, you will get crushed.

Let’s get on this now and make sure we build a moat around your mindset, skills, and—most importantly—your database so you’ll know for certain you will succeed in real estate no matter what comes your way. I am here to help you. Let’s do this.


John Meulstee

P.S. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions I get about working here:

Q: If you only take a tiny amount of money out of my commissions, how do you keep your business afloat?

A: We make up for it on volume. We are 100% family-owned and 100% debt-free.

Q: Are there any ancillary income opportunities at Realty One Group Legacy?

A: Yes! Right now, if you qualify, you can buy shares of our title company, Mercer Abstract. In the coming months, we’ll open a property and casualty insurance company that will offer a similar opportunity that should be much more lucrative over time than title insurance.

Q: Are you going to nickel and dime fees at me?

A: No. There is a monthly fee of $150 and a semiannual fee of $287.50 for E&O insurance. Anything else would be for something extra that you want, such as an office or transaction coordination services. Copies are free.

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